Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy Busy Busy.....

Excuse the terrible lack of updates to this news section but it has been pretty busy...... Here's a potted history of the last year but I will do a proper update when I get the time.

Last summer at Cannes 2006 I finalised a deal to score two horror features, Pumpkinhead 3 Ashes To Ashes and Pumpkinhead 4 Blood Fued. The films star Lance Henriksen (Alien Trilogy, Dead Man, Dog Day Afternoon) and Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) and both films turned out to be really interesting musically as they were set in the deep south of America and so I was able to use lots of ambient harmonicas and slide guitars in combination with a fairly doom laden gothic horror soundtrack. There will be clips in the showreel section soon.

In September I started work on a 15 part drama series called Dinosapien which stars Suzanna Hamiliton (1984, Out Of Africa, Tess). The show is a co production between the BBC, CCI in Canada and Discovery Channel US, shot in Alberta and is a mixture of live action and animation. Currently as I write this I'm just about to start episode ten and the score combines a number of different eliments including ethnic percussion, obscure historical instruments, blown cow horns, orchestral strings and classic American and Native American instruments too. The producers were keen to steer away from electronic instruments and to try to find a new sound with as many diverse instruments as possible and it's been great to experiment with such unusual sounds for what is a pretty major tv series. It will be shown worldwide from May 2007 this year and as soon as it's broadcast I'll get some clips on the site.

In this time there has also been a documentary called Tourettes Rewired and various commercials including a nice one for Canon with director Stuart Rideout of RSA Films that you'll find in the showreel section.

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