Monday, January 28, 2008


Got the final approval for the track I'd written for the new Kodak commercial. No changes - a first! It should be on tv in the UK shortly. Pitched a funk workout song for a commercial for News International's new Fabulous magazine (yes I know any karmic brownie points I earned doing the Shelter film just flew out the window there - I'm back on the dark side..). Pitched a lovely (if I do say so myself) Lou Reed/Velvets style track for a great new Philips commercial made by director Fredrik Bond - I know it's advertising and I shouldn't care but I'd really like to get that one. I also pitched some music for a government teacher training commercial (but how could a piece of music convince people to become a teacher - that's just not realistic.....) and a track for the titles of a new BBC series which I thought sounded a bit like The Fall but that might just be my primitive guitar playing. Finally I've finished recording alll the players for the French Django R style track I've written for the wine producer Mont Tauch and I'll be mixing that this week.