Sunday, October 25, 2009

News Update Oct 09

Sadly 13 has fallen through. Long story but basically things have come to a halt for various reasons and so the score I produced for the pilot will be archived and backed up for now, but let's hope it sees the light of day eventually. Better news is that The Taxidermist which I scored for Warp Films earlier this year has been submitted for Oscar consideration. OH MY GOD I hear you gasp but hold your horses there! For now it's one of a number of films that have to make it through two further selection stages before we can say that it is actually nominated but, well you know, it's exciting and what the hell, I thought I'd mention it even at this early stage. Obviously if the film does make the final nominations I shall be shouting the news very loudly from the nearest rooftop, so if you see a lunatic shouting on your roof you'll know what has happened. The films has been doing very well at festivals though including winning at Palm Springs.