Monday, December 10, 2007

News Update

Ok deep breath...... It has been a while since the last news update so here goes. After finishing Dinosapien for the BBC I spent a month traveling in the USA and then since coming back it has been pretty busy. I've scored a couple of short television films in the green design series for London's Coast productions, provided some immersive sound design for a Nokia film with director Joe Cain, scored two commercials and a website track for online poker company, pitched for numerous other commercials and even got a few! (see new commercials reel on main site), worked with directors Bert and Bertie, who I worked with last year on the film Phobias, on their first commercial for Baby TV, and er... well that's enough actually.
Currently I'm working on another commercial with director Stuart Rideout of RSA films for Kodak which mixes ambient abstract music and sound design and I'm scoring the pilot episode of a new drama series called Th1rt33n (Thirteen if you didn't work it out!) which is directed and written by David van Eyssen who I previously worked with on the feature Slipstream. The series is shot in Los Angeles and is a twisted supernatural thriller with a soundtrack to match. It looks like it's going to be one of the first streamable series shot on the Viper Filmstream system so something of a first for the internet in that it is being made with feature film standards but will be distributed online. So far it looks great and I'll post a link to episode one as soon as it is ready which will probably be sometime in early 2008.

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